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Dubai - a graceful gentleman If someone told me last year at this time, Valentina will be travelling to Seychelles this year, and soon to the Maldives, I would laugh in their face and tell them it was a joke. I wouldn’t have believed it. Last year at this time, Vito was not even five months old, and long distant...
The decision has been made. We are going to Seychelles, but this time not alone. Our family has been enriched with one more member, Vito. Our plus one, baby Vito. Without giving it much taught, we bought tickets with Qatar airways at a great price. And what now? The tickets are ready, but are we? We have a month...
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I am Valentina, Vito`s mom and Vlado`s wife. I have this passion to travel and I do my best to use every spare moment to indulge that passion. My first intercontinental affair was a volunteering trip in Africa and nothing was ever the same since! I fell in love at first sight and I fell hard! I have been to many wonderful destinations with my husband and since we had our son Vito he is a part of our adventures. We like to organize our trips by ourselves. I personaly enjoy exploring hotels and private accomodation in preparation for the trip. I find it to be a bit challenging to travel with children and I that is why I am happy to share my experiences with you!
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