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Dubai and Maldives 2018

Dubai - a graceful gentleman If someone told me last year at this time, Valentina will be travelling to Seychelles this year, and soon to the Maldives, I would laugh in their face and tell...
I am Valentina, Vito`s mom and Vlado`s wife. I have this passion to travel and I do my best to use every spare moment to indulge that passion. My first intercontinental affair was a volunteering trip in Africa and nothing was ever the same since! I fell in love at first sight and I fell hard! I have been to many wonderful destinations with my husband and since we had our son Vito he is a part of our adventures. We like to organize our trips by ourselves. I personaly enjoy exploring hotels and private accomodation in preparation for the trip. I find it to be a bit challenging to travel with children and I that is why I am happy to share my experiences with you!